Joe Bonamassa Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte NC

I have seen the future of blues guitar, and his name is Joe Bonamassa.  I was lucky enough to shoot this show but I did not realize that it would be so difficult to do.  For one, I have trouble hearing the music when I shoot…but on this occasion I was entranced by this guy and had to remind myself to actually press the shutter and do my job.  I took the lovely assistant and even she was blown away. 

For over two hours we were caressed by the sweet blues, and seduced by sheer genius and talent that this young man posesses.  He will play his own originals and obscure blues covers by the old masters, which you could say have been Re-MASTERED.

Some say that he is America’s Eric Clapton, but he has his own style and relies only on his own prowess and sheer mastery of the fretboard.  He is entirely authentic, and in todays age of packaged and manufactured bands and singers, this is a rare treat.  The greatest compliment you can give a guitarist is to say that they can hit one note and you know its them.  This applies to Mr. Bonamassa, just one note and it will make you a believer.  It will shake your head and rattle your brain and awaken your mind.  He makes it look easy, and you wind up thinking that you could do the same, only you can’t.  You are not Joe Bonamassa.

As you watch him, you can not believe that someone that young has this much soul.  He takes you places, places only music can take you.  You feel emotions that are rarely awoken by run of the mill music.  This isn’t just the blues, it’s heart and soul music.  There…just like that, I created a new Genre.

Joe Bonamassa Pix 0230

Joe Bonamassa Pix 0265

Joe Bonamassa Pix 0388

Joe Bonamassa Pix 0405

Joe Bonamassa Pix 0827

Joe Bonamassa Pix 0881

Joe Bonamassa Pix 0913

~ by kb5150 on November 4, 2009.

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