Guitar Heaven in HDR, 1959 Gibson Les Paul…the Holy Grail!

I have a friend who is a guitar collector, and  has one of the coolest collections of all time.  He has the Holy Grail of guitars, the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst.  It is in perfect condition, all original and just plain badass.  I was fortunate enough to take a few shots of it as well as some other great guitars.  The shoot was very informal, just a few quick snaps but we are going to do a major shoot of the collection coming up soon.  Stay tuned…so click on the picture and prepare to drool.  Enjoy!  As always, my email is

From front to back:  1959 Gibson Les Paul, 1964 Gibson Es-330, Gibson Les Paul Prototype given to Les Paul himself at NAMM a few years ago.  The guest stars that played with him at the Iridium Jazz club would play this LP or a brown LP Studio.  This prototype has pickups wound by Les Paul himself.  Top that!

~ by kb5150 on June 15, 2010.

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