Panoramic HDR #17 & #18 Harbour Town Golf Links

This is the #17th hole at Harbour Town in Hilton Head.  Yes, I know…more Harbour Town.  Fortunately for you all, it’s one of the greatest courses in the country and I’m just trying to broaden your horizons a little.  You can thank me when and if you run into me. 

This is one of my favorite holes on the course.  It is brutal at times, and can embarrass you and take your pride.  However there are those times when you make a par or birdie you feel like you just robbed a bank and got away with it.  Just pay the 275 bones and find out for yourself

The last time I played this hole about 15 years ago, it was 175 yards or so and the wind wreaks havoc up around the green.  The entire hole is protected by trees on both sides but when the ball approaches the green, the wind from Calibogue Sound takes over and then anything can happen.  It’s a genius move by the Pete Dye/Jack Nicklaus design team.  In case you were wondering, the last time I played here I made a smooth par like it was my job. 

Another view of #17…

Here’s a shot of #18 that may be a little ambitious.  I wanted to get everything in the shot.  The Lighthouse, the condos, the sound, the bunkers….everything.  I think it’s a view of 18 that I’ve never seen and that’s the goal…to not take the obvious shots.  Let me know what you think…

~ by kb5150 on December 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Panoramic HDR #17 & #18 Harbour Town Golf Links”

  1. great work, saw it on hdr spotting
    Maybe you can come to Melbourne Australia and do something similar for us
    can you explain your technique please, did u use a gigapan robot?

  2. Do you sell any of your pictures? I love your picture of the 18th hole at harbour town…Let me know. Thanks!

  3. I love the #17th hole at Harbour Town hdr… I am trying to create what I am planning will be a local golf site. May I use this picture in my header graphics? Please let me know. Thank you.

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